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Updated: Aug 1, 2021

So, today I'm going to try something new to improve my creativity. Like many people I guess, living through a pandemic, the changes to our lives and many restrictions we face, are having an impact on finding inspiration of what to write about...

Today's overdue blog will therefore be an exercise in writing down whatever comes to mind in the 10 minutes before my 11 year old arrives home from school (no doubt drenched from the delightful Glasgow weather).

As far as writing goes, I'm doing a project with a few other Indie authors which is exciting and motivational, and I'm enjoying another online writers group I'm a member of. Reading Lucy Foley's "The Guest List" and in an effort to try make household chores more enjoyable, am listening to the audiobook of TM Logan's "The Catch". Audiobooks have never really appealed to me before, but am starting to appreciate their value.

My area will go into tier 4 from Friday, which means pretty much a full lockdown until December 11th. Pretty hard not to feel down about that, but if it means this Hellish virus has less chance to continue wreaking havoc, then will just have to get on with it.

Husband working in Dubai which is not great timing when stuck home with 4 kids, but training myself to focus on the positives. Our business here in UK fairly vulnerable right now due to Covid, so other opportunities should be welcomed. After much debating, we agreed to spend Christmas together in Dubai, so I do have the prospect of a lovely holiday to look forward to, even though it will be strange wearing a face mask all the time in such heat.

The teens are coping fairly well all things considered, they chitter away with 2 or 3 close friends in the garden at weekends. The wooden den they had all outgrown now a welcome shelter from the cold and rain. A few string lights, some music and food and they're happy.

My ever curious 11 year old has taken to developing his own camera film in the boiler cupboard and I've been amazed and proud of what he's learned and achieved. Our next lockdown project is going to be researching our family tree, something I've always wanted to do. Maybe there will be a blog post soon on our findings.

My novel is finished finally! The hard part now is letting go and trying to be in the right frame of mind for launching a book when the only options are online. Hard to feel the same enthusiasm, but when the time is right I'll get there.

No sign of my boy yet, just some scattered wheelie bins due to the wind.

Another lockdown disappointment...I'm a Celeb just is not the same in a castle in Wales where there are not exactly going to be dangerous creatures invading the camp. Probably the most disturbance would be some local sheep!

Ok I did it, not my best writing, but I stopped over censoring and got some words out, I'll take that as a win. What are you doing to maintain your creativity in these challenging times?

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